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Leonard Cohen Hero To Those Under 25 In 1968 Cohencentric

Leonard Cohen Hero To Those Under 25 In 1968 Cohencentric


Leonard Cohen – Hero To Those Under 25 In 1968

Print ad found in Nov 1-14, 1968 issue of it magazine by Peter Torbijn of the Netherlands

Photo: Leonard Cohen at Sebel Town House, Sydney - May 1985 - Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered

Note: Leonard Cohen's role in the ...

Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered - Page 8 of 854 -

The white-label promos in Canada and the U.S. featured a photo of Leonard in place of the original image on both the front and the back of the album cover ...

Binéfar & The 1988 Leonard Cohen Tour

Leonard Cohen and His Crazy Dream In Print In 1968

Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: Leonard Cohen, Portrait, 'So Far, For Beauty', Limited Edition Giclee Art Print.

Leonard Cohen, Beautiful Things

Video: Leonard Cohen Reveals Mafia Affiliation & More – 1972

Leonard Cohen

Cover Art For The Other Leonard Cohen Album

From Leonard Cohen: Love's Hard Man by Alan Franks (Article first appeared in The Times Magazine on 13 October 2001). Originally posted July 27, ...

The context of the quote is given in the excerpt below from Life Of A Ladies' Man by Sarah Hampson (Globe and Mail: May. 25 2007):

Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered -

Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell – Just One Of Those Things

Leonard Cohen: “I Play Hands At A Crucial Point In The Song”

I would haunt all the secondhand book shops in Montreal with this huge appetite for poetry.

Leonard Cohen - Hero To Those Under 25 In 1968 - Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered | Leonard Cohen | Pinterest | Leonard cohen

This photo, taken by Suzanne Elrod in Mexico in 1972 was also used for the cover of the Leonard Cohen: Live Songs album.

The relationship between Cohen and Elrod ended by 1979, when the documentary was filmed. That final disruption is the focus of “The Gypsy's Wife.”

Note: This post is an entry in a series of essays considering the question, “What makes a song a Leonard Cohen song?” An introduction and links to all ...

From Leonard Cohen: The Eloquence, The Songs Still Floating On The Air by Richard Harrington (Washington Post; Published in Gainesville Sun: Dec 25, 1988).

Was Leonard Cohen A Vegetarian? - Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered Leonard Cohen, Adam

The most joyous part of the Cohencentric Farewell Tour (well, at least from my perspective) is the opportunity to acknowledge those folks who contributed to ...

Leonard Cohen: The Prince Of Asturias Awards Speech With Annotations & Commentary

Leonard Cohen Online Directory

Once more with Julie Felix: at 80, the folk star playing after all these years by Vanessa Thorpe (Th Guardian: May 19, 2018). Julie Felix & Leonard Cohen ' ...

Leonard Cohen Releases New Album, A Look Back At The Artist

The Ever Expanding Leonard Cohen Collectibles Universe

Leonard Cohen Identifies “Valentina” As Suzanne Elrod

I came across an AbeBooks ad for The Favourite Game, which I've excerpted here (bolding mine):

Introducing The Stormy Clovers – And Their Songwriter, Leonard Cohen

Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered - Page 429 of 606 - Leonard Cohen Lyrics, Adam

Leonard Cohen Canadian poet and singersongwriter plays some of his songs in a small recording studio lower Manhattan New York mid

Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered -

Since then ...

Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered -

Leonard Cohen Lyrics, Poetry and Music. Leonard Cohen is probably one of the most unique singer song writer artists in modern times.

Leonard Cohen Leonard Cohen Lyrics, Poet, The Voice, Songs, Blue Raincoat,

Rezső Seress

Cohencentric features The Leonard Cohen-Bob Dylan Interface comprising their mutual admiration, their interactions, their differences & more at

Indeed, the only criticism of Spector Leonard unequivocally sets forth is his distaste for Phil's pairing of Manischewitz wine with a 45 caliber handgun.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor anjani thomas | Leonard Cohen | Pinterest | Leonard cohen

Leonard Cohen - Suzanne Fire Lyrics, Song Lyrics, Leonard Cohen Lyrics, Adam Cohen

This photo, taken by Suzanne Elrod in Mexico in 1972 was also used for the cover of the Leonard Cohen: Live Songs album.

DrHGuy has constructed The Other Songs Of Leonard Cohen (AKA, The Other Leonard Cohen Album), a collection of hitherto unreleased Cohen songs, ...

... Saunders of Henry Sotheran Ltd., who sent me the photos described and permission to post them along with the “For Sharon” inscription by Leonard Cohen.

Video: Leonard Cohen Performs Stranger Song, Demonstrates His Chop On BBC's Julie Felix Show – 1968

Leonard Cohen

“I don't remember any early [musical] influences. I think I stole from everybody I ever heard.” Leonard Cohen

At one point, in an exchange about his artistic life, he admits that he “drifted into things. I suppose there has been an undercurrent of deliberation, ...

Originally posted October 24, 2013 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

“The Other Leonard Cohen Album” Named To UNCUT's 50 Greatest Bootlegs

Leonard Cohen – Singer-songwriter, Novelist, Poet, Icon, & Comic Book Aficionado

While this ad promotes Leonard Cohen's first album, Songs Of Leonard Cohen (released December 1967), the quotation in headline, “James Joyce is not dead.

Leonard Cohen and sister, Esther Cohen | Look Familiar? | Leonard Cohen, Adam cohen, Music

Quotes from the amazing Leonard Cohen, excerpts from his songs and poems, video and audio goodies.

As part of The Cohencentric Farewell Tour, we're running – one last time – this site's Greatest Hits. While it's simple enough to calculate which posts ...

Track List: Leonard Cohen Sept 3, 2010 Wiesbaden Concert

While Leonard Cohen's music has been featured in more than 50 movie soundtracks, Cohen himself has rarely been part of the cast (other than in documentaries ...

Dominique BOILE sends word of another bootleg of the June 25, 1976 Leonard Cohen concert with the opportunistic to the point of distasteful title, ...

Q: What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Leonard Cohen: “Put on my black robes.” (1994)

Because I may not know music, but I know what you should like …

Photo taken before the October 30, 1970 Leonard Cohen University of Wisconsin concert in Madison by Joel Bernstein

You may believe you have some control over [your] decisions, but certainly not the consequences. But you live your life as if it's real … as if you're ...

The Vault: A look at early Leonard Cohen c. 1966. Video by CBC Music

Leonard Cohen In Concert 1974-1993: Photos By Pete Purnell: Pete Purnell contributed remarkable photos from the 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour.

Listen to music from Leonard Cohen. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Leonard Cohen.

Dominique BOILE offers these portraits of Leonard Cohen used as cover art for The Energy Of Slaves. The photo atop this post is the back cover of the ...

Suzanne Vega is a singer-songwriter who has long admired Leonard Cohen and has worked with and opened shows for him. More about her connection with Leonard ...

mesogeios: “Leonard Cohen by Gijsbert Hanekroot ”

Gorgeous Video of Perla Batalla's 2015 Barcelona Performance of Leonard Cohen's Famous Blue Raincoat - Cohencentric

The apogee of Leonard Cohen Album Logos exhibitions is The Essential Leonard Cohen album, a collection of Cohen's songs first released in 2002 and ...

Signs Of Leonard Cohen: Ad For Live Songs “These are my songs ~ I put all I have into them”

Leonard Cohen's Language of Symbolism: The Book of Mercy, Various Positions, And The Unified Heart

... lists showings in various UK cities in Sept & Oct 1974, the same content found in the previously posted black and white newspaper ad for Bird On A Wire.

Flowers for Hitler by Leonard Cohen Jonathan Cape (UK): 1973. Photo by Sophie Baker

Leonard Cohen On The Heart Of “The Gypsy's Wife”

Have women lost the need for love (romantic or otherwise) from men?

Leonard Cohen Adam Cohen, Leonard Cohen, Blue Raincoat, Amazing Man, September 21

Finally, she'll be heading to France in November for a two-week tour in support of the French edition of her Leonard Cohen biography, I'm Your Man.

Video: Leonard Cohen's The Future - Late Night With David Letterman 1993 - Cohencentric:

Since Leonard Cohen's death Nov 7, 2016, I've developed a list of selected articles and posts that are especially informative, gracious, interesting, ...

Voting Results: Top 10 Favorite Leonard Cohen Quotes

[Interviewer:] Like in “Came So Far For Beauty,” you seem, at times, to be completely under the spell of beauty, almost submissive to it.


The line from this 1973 Melody Maker ad promoting the Leonard Cohen: Live Songs album, “These are my songs – I put all I have into them,” resonates with the ...

"Cohen's career now enters its fourth phase, After the End" + Photos Of Leonard Cohen At Home - Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered

Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered -

This description of the film ran under the offerings for the SFU Theatre in the The Peak (Sept 25, 1968):

... Saunders of Henry Sotheran Ltd., who sent me the photos described and permission to post them along with the “For Sharon” inscription by Leonard Cohen.

An Illumination Of Leonard Cohen's Thin Green Candle

I have always interpreted your songs in a pained expressions of loneliness. Do you still feel this kind of pain even though you have found consolation and ...

In a madness-venerating time, Hopper was madder than most. According to his ex-wife Brooke Hayward's account in Peter Biskind's authoritative Easy Riders, ...

The Other Songs Of Leonard Cohen Album

Guide To Leonard Cohen's 1967-1968 BBC Broadcasts: Top Gear With John Peel, Once More With Felix, & Leonard Cohen Sings Leonard Cohen

When Cohen decided to go down to Nashville in 1968, he was initially opposed to Suzanne [Elrod] coming with him. She spent the night before his departure ...

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